Parisian Beauty | Video

Wonder what it’s like to be in Paris during fashion week? Wonder no more! I decided to make a video capturing my recent trip to the land of beautiful pastries, food, fashion, people, and architecture!

This trip was incredibly meaningful to me, here’s why.. In 2008 I spent a summer studying and living in Paris, which turned out to be an incredibly blissful time in my life. I left longing to return to study and live again in Paris, and so I did in 2010. However, this time, I was in another place. This time I was filled with angst and unhappiness because I was denying myself my true essence (who I really was). And as a result, I used Paris as the scapegoat for my inner frustrations.

But now, now that I am totally comfortable in my skin & know and love my truest self, it was important for me to recapture the beauty of Paris – the city I once fell in love with and then fell out of love with (because of my own insecurities). This video I made was cathartic for me, it liberated me to re-discover, to re-live, to be blissfully in love again with Paris’s true beauty (and myself).

I truly hope you enjoy…


Mr. Renaissance

Ghana Water Well!

So last year in lieu of celebrating my birthday, March 21, 2014, I instead decided to fundraise to build a water well in Ghana in collaboration with Generosity Water. I’m very excited to announce that my the water well in Ghana for my birthday fundraiser is finally complete! I cannot even begin to put into words the immense gratitude, joy and love my heart is currently experiencing.

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New York City Beat

Uptown, downtown, sound of the new york city beat! No I am not quoting RuPaul’s “New York City Beat” song. No I am not listening to it as I write this post.

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Hippie Chic

Moving to New York has just been one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling decisions I’ve ever made in my life. So much life, so much growth, so much living! My heart is grateful and I am always finding myself looking forward to what excitement the city will offer next.

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Lately its all been about the retro feels – I’ve become inspired by 70s disco, vintage clothing, and vintage shopping. Basically all things that have been introduced to the world years ago, but are constantly being renewed by how people reuse and refresh them, bringing them to life today in their own unique form.

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Today’s mission was all about balloons – buy balloons, enjoy balloons, give balloons away! I woke up with that one thing in mind and twas the first thing I did that day (albeit the staple almond latte I drank beforehand!).

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Vibrant Third Eye

Tis always beautiful to take charge of your life and make sure that you do everything in your capacity to live your truest, grandest, and most amazing day. Every morning is the opportunity to detach yourself from all past knowings of life and to seize every moment of the new day as if it were your first.

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Mexico City

If there is one thing I absolutely love about Mexico City it is the vibrancy of colors apparent everywhere, especially in the fashion. There is a lightness, breeze of ease and effortlessness, and colors, lots and lots of colors. So what better way to dress like this for a day of exploring the city’s most important sites!

Si hay algo que me encanta de la Ciudad de Mexico son los colores presentes por todas partes, en especial la moda Mexicana. Se siente como una combinacion de ser muy relajado, vestido con muchos colores que dan y expresan vida. Entonces cual otra mejor manera de vestirme hoy para explorar los sitios mas importantes de la ciudad!

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Street Chic

Today I find myself in Mexico City and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I had been before to the city, but I find that once older and with a more mature perspective in life, one can truly appreciate the richness and beauty of a city much more. This time around, Mexico City astounded me in its beauty, its culture, its delicious food, its vibrant colors, and its welcoming people!

Hoy me encuentro en la ciudad de Mexico y no quisiera que fuera de alguna otra manera! He visitado antes, pero ya que soy adulto y con una perspectiva de la vida mas madura, puedo decir que ahora si aprecio mucho mas la belleza de la ciudad. Esta ves, la ciudad de Mexico me asombro en su belleza, su cultura, su comida deliciosa, sus colores vibrantes y su gente tan buena onda!

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