Create The Love

My good friend & literal lover rockstar, Mark Groves from @createthelove, invited me to respond to the following questions regarding love and relationships, so here you go, hope you enjoy and hopefully find some inspiration!

How do you create love in your life?

Love begins with oneself. I have always been a firm believer in truly getting to know myself and by doing so being then able to love all parts of myself. I once read, and now always say, that the most important relationship I will ever have in life will be with myself and I consciously work to making it the best relationship I’ll ever experience. By doing so, I know that I have the power (and necessity) to make myself whole and full of love, in order to then share and multiply that pure love to all aspects of my life, including friendships, creative professional life, and romantic relationships.

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Ghana Water Well!

So last year in lieu of celebrating my birthday, March 21, 2014, I instead decided to fundraise to build a water well in Ghana in collaboration with Generosity Water. I’m very excited to announce that my the water well in Ghana for my birthday fundraiser is finally complete! I cannot even begin to put into words the immense gratitude, joy and love my heart is currently experiencing.

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New York City Beat

Uptown, downtown, sound of the new york city beat! No I am not quoting RuPaul’s “New York City Beat” song. No I am not listening to it as I write this post.

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Hippie Chic

Moving to New York has just been one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling decisions I’ve ever made in my life. So much life, so much growth, so much living! My heart is grateful and I am always finding myself looking forward to what excitement the city will offer next.

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Refined Gentleman

Today was all about the simple, refined gentleman style. As you’ve noticed by now, my overall style entails all the colors and styles of the rainbow. Some days I love to wake up and wear nothing but pops of color (doesn’t matter if its winter or summer!), some days I enjoy wearing all black with a hint of color (always color, color is life!), and some days I like to bring out my refined gentleman out to play. Today, today was that day. [Read more...]


Lately its all been about the retro feels – I’ve become inspired by 70s disco, vintage clothing, and vintage shopping. Basically all things that have been introduced to the world years ago, but are constantly being renewed by how people reuse and refresh them, bringing them to life today in their own unique form.

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Extraordinary Life

Turtle necks, turtle necks, turtle necks. Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been rocking the turtle necks recently cause they make feel comfortable, elegant, warm, and sexy. And each of us most definitely deserve to feel this way all day, every day because we are all uniquely beautiful and have so much beauty and radiance to offer to the world.

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Poncho Life

San Francisco has just been an absolute bliss – this city has so much to offer and every day is literally a new adventure filled with wonder, curiosities, explorations, happiness, good health, and beauty. This day was no exception, most especially since the company I kept this day was just pure joy to be around – life really is that much more beautiful when surrounded by great people, right?

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I am quite excited to announce that I am collaborating with the famed Chop’t Salad Company (found in New York City & Washington D.C.) as their SF Travel Curator in the coming weeks! Exploring the city and sharing all the fun SF insider tips from my perspective is what I’m all about.

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