Hippie Chic

Moving to New York has just been one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling decisions I’ve ever made in my life. So much life, so much growth, so much living! My heart is grateful and I am always finding myself looking forward to what excitement the city will offer next.

Style of the Day

Sometimes I just like to walk out of the shower and put on whatever I see first – there’s something daring, bold, and fulfilling about this. I never really put too much thought into my outfits, allowing it to be a natural organic, process. I usually put on what catches my eye first and then style my outfit around that piece, energy, or feeling. Today I walked into my friend’s closet and literally put on what I saw on her armoire, what resulted is what I call a hippie chic look a la New York!

Outfit Details 

  • Grey sweater shirt – Hugo Boss
  • Green pants – Hugo Boss
  • Baby blue coat – Boutique store in Siena, Italy
  • Cap – Brooklyn Nets Cap
  • Socks – Happy Socks
  • Suede loafers – Topman

Message of the Day

“If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained.” –Neil Gaiman

I am a firm believer in constantly doing things that push myself out of my comfort zone, because in doing so my possibilities of experiences, growth, and evolution become infinite. I think its important to always dare something greater than what we already know, for the true excitement in life lies in the mystery of the unknown, not in what we already know.

I think this applies to anything in life, big or small, whether you’re choosing how to dress yourself for the day, what food to eat, what exercise regimen you’ll do that day, or which people you’ll surround yourself with. The excitement and magic lies in doing things that are new, that will nourish you, and make you a better person – the person you are meant to be.


Mr. Renaissance


  1. I love outfits that aren’t too thought out. They usually are the best ones. They aren’t concerned with the few items you always wear or the trends or with what you’re insecure about – they just come truly from you.


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