Extraordinary Life

Turtle necks, turtle necks, turtle necks. Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been rocking the turtle necks recently cause they make feel comfortable, elegant, warm, and sexy. And each of us most definitely deserve to feel this way all day, every day because we are all uniquely beautiful and have so much beauty and radiance to offer to the world.

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Poncho Life

San Francisco has just been an absolute bliss – this city has so much to offer and every day is literally a new adventure filled with wonder, curiosities, explorations, happiness, good health, and beauty. This day was no exception, most especially since the company I kept this day was just pure joy to be around – life really is that much more beautiful when surrounded by great people, right?

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High Tea

Today was an incredibly beaujy day and I allowed myself to indulge in high tea at the Palace Hotel because why not sometimes?! Plus, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of the hotel and its décor, which most definitely did not disappoint.

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I am quite excited to announce that I am collaborating with the famed Chop’t Salad Company (found in New York City & Washington D.C.) as their SF Travel Curator in the coming weeks! Exploring the city and sharing all the fun SF insider tips from my perspective is what I’m all about.

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Butterfly Beginnin..

Life, life, life! How exciting it is to wake and have the opportunity to live each day to its fullest. Every experience we ever have is always a new one, no matter how “routine” it may seem. Every day you are changing into a newer you (hopefully this change is positive a.k.a. evolutionary) and living new experiences. Allow yourself to transform into the best you you are meant to become!

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Today’s mission was all about balloons – buy balloons, enjoy balloons, give balloons away! I woke up with that one thing in mind and twas the first thing I did that day (albeit the staple almond latte I drank beforehand!).

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Vibrant Third Eye

Tis always beautiful to take charge of your life and make sure that you do everything in your capacity to live your truest, grandest, and most amazing day. Every morning is the opportunity to detach yourself from all past knowings of life and to seize every moment of the new day as if it were your first.

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Free Spirit

Living freely is an innate quality we are all born with. Choosing to live freely in a society where we are taught to build barriers and self limitations is living your truth and being alive. I’ve always been a free spirit and today’s outfit reflected that essence to its very core.

Vivir libre es una cualidad con la que todos nacemos. Escoger a vivir libre en una sociedad donde nos ensenan a construir barreras y auto-limitaciones es realmente vivir tu verdad y estar verdaderamente vivo. Yo siempre he sido un espiritu libre y mi estilo del dio reflejo esa esencia.

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Mexico City

If there is one thing I absolutely love about Mexico City it is the vibrancy of colors apparent everywhere, especially in the fashion. There is a lightness, breeze of ease and effortlessness, and colors, lots and lots of colors. So what better way to dress like this for a day of exploring the city’s most important sites!

Si hay algo que me encanta de la Ciudad de Mexico son los colores presentes por todas partes, en especial la moda Mexicana. Se siente como una combinacion de ser muy relajado, vestido con muchos colores que dan y expresan vida. Entonces cual otra mejor manera de vestirme hoy para explorar los sitios mas importantes de la ciudad!

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