Parisian Beauty | Video

Wonder what it’s like to be in Paris during fashion week? Wonder no more! I decided to make a video capturing my recent trip to the land of beautiful pastries, food, fashion, people, and architecture!

This trip was incredibly meaningful to me, here’s why.. In 2008 I spent a summer studying and living in Paris, which turned out to be an incredibly blissful time in my life. I left longing to return to study and live again in Paris, and so I did in 2010. However, this time, I was in another place. This time I was filled with angst and unhappiness because I was denying myself my true essence (who I really was). And as a result, I used Paris as the scapegoat for my inner frustrations.

But now, now that I am totally comfortable in my skin & know and love my truest self, it was important for me to recapture the beauty of Paris – the city I once fell in love with and then fell out of love with (because of my own insecurities). This video I made was cathartic for me, it liberated me to re-discover, to re-live, to be blissfully in love again with Paris’s true beauty (and myself).

I truly hope you enjoy…


Mr. Renaissance

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