Poncho Life

San Francisco has just been an absolute bliss – this city has so much to offer and every day is literally a new adventure filled with wonder, curiosities, explorations, happiness, good health, and beauty. This day was no exception, most especially since the company I kept this day was just pure joy to be around – life really is that much more beautiful when surrounded by great people, right?

Style of the Day

I be all about this poncho life at the moment. Tis incredible being able to walk out the door, with what essentially is a blanket that has been accepted as a form of high fashion, and carry myself throughout the day in absolute comfort and style. Poncho wearer for life? I think yes! Also, these new boots of mine are lined with (faux) fur on the inside and my toesies were wonderfully grateful for that. Today was all about comfort in a very personal and fashionable way (or so I like to think!).

Outfit Details 

  • Poncho – Topshop
  • Navy grey cardigan – H&M
  • Black chino pants – American Apparel
  • Brown boots – Topman
  • Sunnies – Men’s boutique in San Francisco

Message of the Day

“Is there any other way to be? I mean, this is it. This is my body, my soul; I gotta live with it. I’d better get comfortable. I plan on taking it for a long ride.” –Cecil Castellucci

I agree 100%. This is it. This is the most important moment in our lives. The time is now to seize it, to make it the most beautiful moment of our lives. Our lives aren’t in the past or in the future – they are now, in this body and soul.


Mr. Renaissance

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