Refined Gentleman

Today was all about the simple, refined gentleman style. As you’ve noticed by now, my overall style entails all the colors and styles of the rainbow. Some days I love to wake up and wear nothing but pops of color (doesn’t matter if its winter or summer!), some days I enjoy wearing all black with a hint of color (always color, color is life!), and some days I like to bring out my refined gentleman out to play. Today, today was that day.Outfit Details 

  • Grey blazer – H&M
  • White collared shirt – Hommework
  • Maroon chino pants – Ben Sherman
  • Brown loafers – Topman
  • Eyeglasses – Warby Parker

Message of the Day

“Every time I eat an English muffin I feel like I become more grammatically correct, more refined, more cultured, and an all-around gentleman. –Jarod Kintz

Interesting idea of a muffin making you feel more of a gentleman (or lady, whichever you prefer to identify with – we’re all  equal here!). But I would have to say that this saying has truth to it and not just because of a muffin. But it’s the idea that you create your reality and the things you do influence you and ultimately you become them.

I think its important to first know who you are and what you want to become. Once you know what you want to become (hopefully you listen to your heart and discover your purpose and life and this be it), then you have to decide which are the necessary steps that are going to help you achieve this and become this. For some people it may be reading a spiritual excerpt in the morning, for others its yoga, for others its tea in bed, for others its volunteering on the weekends, for others its dressing to the T every day.

Which is your muffin? What is it that is going to help you become the best version of yourself?


Mr. Renaissance

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