I am quite excited to announce that I am collaborating with the famed Chop’t Salad Company (found in New York City & Washington D.C.) as their SF Travel Curator in the coming weeks! Exploring the city and sharing all the fun SF insider tips from my perspective is what I’m all about.

IMG_2037Style of the Day

I recently purchased some extremely comfortable red Nike kicks and I couldn’t be more grateful that I did (I’m actually wearing them as I’m typing this). They’re typically not something I would purchase but I think its always great to wear something out of your comfort zone because that’s where all the fun begins! I feel all sorts of ‘fresh’ vibes when I wear them, expecially since they’re incredibly comforting to my feet (& when you live in a city where you walk everywhere **err sometimes Uber**, comfort is important!).

IMG_2117Outfit Details 

  • Black army jacket – H&M
  • White collared shirt – Hommework
  • Black trousers – American Apparel
  • Nike kicks – suiGENERIS Consignment Store
  • Sunglasses – Local SF Boutique

IMG_2143Message of the Day

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


A couple days prior to this, I walked into Fellow Barber in the Mission District of San Francisco and talked with my barber about how we wanted to have fun with my haircut. I love the idea of letting go of all past notions & routines and doing things differently (a.k.a. rejuvenation!), so we decided to just have fun and do a new dramatic, clean cut.


I believe it is so important to do all sort of things, both big and small, that constantly rejuvenate us mentally, spiritually, and physically. A simple thing like wearing a different shoe style, getting a different haircut, taking a different route to work, etc… will make all the difference and may just make you see & live things differently, possibly even better than before!

IMG_2159IMG_2090IMG_2140IMG_2104 Bisous!

Mr. Renaissance

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