Lately its all been about the retro feels – I’ve become inspired by 70s disco, vintage clothing, and vintage shopping. Basically all things that have been introduced to the world years ago, but are constantly being renewed by how people reuse and refresh them, bringing them to life today in their own unique form.

Style of the Day

I recently visited the Alameda Flea Market, which only happens once a month and apparently is a big deal in the bay area. So I arrived there, its massive, and I perused around with food and tea in both hands (naturally) and found this vintage San Francisco Giants letterman jacket, which is from the 1960s. Pretty rad I thought, and so its become the latest vintage addition to my closet (of course after a visit to the dry cleaners for an intense clean!).

Outfit Details 

  • SF Giants letterman jacket – Vintage
  • Plaid shirt – H&M
  • Army pants – Hugo Boss
  • Black chelsea boots – H&M
  • Sunglasses – Local SF boutique

Message of the Day

“Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling.” –Deborah Day

Just like this vintage jacket has found renewal and new purpose in my life, so is it important to constantly renew yourself. Its such a beautiful idea that every morning, every single day, is a completely new experience and opportunity to renew yourself by finding, accepting, and embracing new ways of thinking, new ways of feeling, new ways of doing things.

Every new moment in our lives is simply a seed of opportunity for positive growth and for renewal. The truth behind this notion excites me so!

[Yep, lots of pictures ahead – this shoot was too much fun to have to narrow down the pictures, so please enjoy to your hearts content!]


Mr. Renaissance

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