Vibrant Third Eye

Tis always beautiful to take charge of your life and make sure that you do everything in your capacity to live your truest, grandest, and most amazing day. Every morning is the opportunity to detach yourself from all past knowings of life and to seize every moment of the new day as if it were your first.

Style of the Day

Today was a bit of a cloudy day in San Francisco but I never let any weather dull my shine, although I am also aware that one’s environmental surroundings affect how one dresses for the day. Since I am a vibrant person in general, I always add pops of color to any outfit I wear (no matter the style I decide to evoke for the day). My canary yellow pants did the trick and complimented the white, grey, and black tones of the rest of the outfit. Oh, and my third eye cap is watching you..

Outfit Details 

  • Third eye cap – Americans Apparel
  • Grey t-shirt – Berlin boutique store
  • White collared shirt – Hommework
  • Yellow pants – H&M
  • Tuxedo shoes – Hugo Boss

Message of the Day

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” -EE Cummings

I believe it is so important to be your own number one fan, to love yourself so deeply and freely not for the ego but from your spirit. We are all divine creatures who deserve all the most beautiful, creative, loving and life-nourishing experiences. Living through our spirit will allow us to be who we really are, will enrich our essence, and brighten our lives. Be the light, live the light, spread the light!


Mr. Renaissance


  1. Lovely morning thoughts and inspiration. It is great to be reminded of such beautiful thoughts daily xoxo

  2. Abs. Loving MR. RENNAISANCE over On The east coast. Your inspirational positive energy, vibe, ad style transpires through your posts and detailed descriptions. All the best from NYC. Live. Love. Laugh.


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