Who is Mr. Renaissance?

Welcome, welcome – come one, come all! Mr. Renaissance has received some fresh pampering and has been completely redesigned and rejuvenated, and I couldn’t be happier to have you here.

Welcome to the REBIRTH of Mr. Renaissance!

Who is Mr.Renaissance?

Well let me tell you! I believe that we are all here to fulfill our highest most amazing human self possible. This includes daily spiritual, creative, physical, and intellectual growth. I genuinely try to live my life as such, allowing my personal truth and evolution to unfold on this journey of life.

I live as a creative activist and global visionary, finding inspiration within and through the world. I invite you to join in on my journey and enjoy it with me. On y va!

Why Personal Style?

Because it is an outer expression of who we are as spiritual beings, in essence our inner style. I believe we have the right to be who we truly are in every aspect of life and this includes personal style via fashion!

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or where you shop. What truly matters is that you express yourself so fully and freely that the clothes you wear does the talking for you. Honestly though, who cares about external judgments as long as you are being true to yourself? I sure don’t!

Why Spirituality?

Because we are spiritual beings living a human experience. As Deepak Chopra (one of my favorite spiritual leaders) says, “Spirituality is the experience of that domain of awareness where we experience our universality.”

I believe everyone has a unique purpose that contributes to the beauty of the universe’s symphonic orchestra. And as the Sufi mystic Rumi said, “You’re not just a drop in the ocean, you’re also the mighty ocean in the drop.”

I am a truth seeker, continually living and discovering the beauty, dharma (purpose), and pure essence of my life and the world. My goal is to always find the balance in mind, body, and soul, and hopefully inspire you to find yours as well!

Why Global Nomad?

Because we are all one world and one reality. I believe it is important to always explore the world, whether it be somewhere nearby or somewhere “exotic”, because as Rumi puts it, “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”

I have been fortunate enough to have lived in various countries and to see some of the most beautiful places in this world. I believe it is important to travel, near or far, in order to have a better understanding of who we are as global citizens. I also believe the ultimate truth and secret to happiness is viewing the world with travelers’ eyes – in awe, wonderment, excitement, beauty, humility, and gratitude.

We are here to inspire both ourselves and others. So here I am, Mr. Renaissance at your service – to inspire you.

Now click away, listen to my “Record of the Day”, and enjoy your stay!